Coffee, a croissant fresh out the oven and a lovely glass of apple juice from the Val di Non, maybe while flicking through the Festival dello Sport programme to choose which events you plan to attend that day, is our idea of a delicious breakfast to kick the morning off in style. Every bar in Trento offers fantastic coffee and fresh croissants. Here are some of our top tips at the heart of the old town. Click on the link below in order to see them all on a map.


While this is a great spot for an aperitivo during the evening in central Trento, it is a calm and peaceful bar in the morning where you can enjoy a relaxing breakfast while reading the newspaper. We recommend the creamy cappuccini, wide range of pastries and the mouth-watering maple syrup pancakes. (38 Largo Giosue Carducci – TEL. 0461 174 0400)

Urban Coffee Lab
This cafe's design and menu follow the American model. You can order muffins, sweet or savoury pancakes, cheesecake or toast, with an American coffee, of course. It's a small taste of New York in Trento, in one of the alleys leading to Piazza Duomo. (35 Via Camillo Cavour – TEL. 0461 232522)

Panificio moderno
Soft croissants, chocolate brownies, pies, cakes and strudel are all on offer here, along with focacce and pizzas, all of which are home-made. It is located in the beautiful Piazza Lodron, where there is also a small play area for children. (21 Piazza Lodron – TEL. 0461 230484)

Pasticceria Momi
The recently opened bakery in Piazza Cesare Battisti, just behind the Teatro Sociale, is a great option for a breakfast made up of handcrafted pastries, croissants and colourful macarons. If you really wish to push the boat out, you can also order a delicious slice of cake. (4 Piazza Cesare Battisi)

Pasticceria caffetteria Casa del cioccolato
This is one of the historic breakfast spots in Trento, on one of the main streets in the old town. As the name suggests, the speciality here is chocolate products, but the croissants and pastries are also exquisite. We recommend you try their Sacher cake. (21 Via Rodolfo Belenzani– TEL. 0461 234352)

Oblò Comfort Food
If you have woken up late and don't know if it's better to have breakfast or lunch, maybe some brunch is just what you need. This slightly hidden-away bar-restaurant in the old town of Trento could tick all the boxes: cheesecake, pancakes, American coffee, delicious avocado toast, salmon and grilled egg. 24 Largo Giosue Carducci – TEL. 0461 261861)