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“Lo Zio” (Uncle), the football as school of life and that world Italy…

With Giuseppe Bergomi, Samuele Robbioni , Piero Trellini

By La Gazzetta dello Sport journalist Nino Minoliti

At the age of 16, with that bushy moustache, Beppe Bergomi already looked like a fully-grown man. They called him “Lo Zio” (Uncle), a nickname from his teenage years that will live on. Beppe was just how you’d imagine a good young man to be, raised by a conventional and wealthy Milanese family. He was a far cry from the crazy stories you hear about many leading sportspeople. Even such a conventional upbringing would prove to be the launch pad for a brilliant career worthy of football legend. At just 18 years old he was in the Italian team that triumphed in the 1982 World Cup. At that very tournament, the match against Brazil was decisive in the Azzurri’s run. It was the match before the semi-final and everything on that July day seemed to be against the Italians, with Brazil needing just one point to advance. The match, as if scripted, transpired to be one of the most exciting 90 minutes in football history. Bergomi and Samuele Robbioni will go over the events recounted in their book Bella Zio (‘Nice one, uncle’), alongside Piero Trellini, whose 624-page book La Partita (‘The match’) is dedicated to that famous Italy 3-2 Brazil encounter and has Lo Zio himself on the front cover.

“BELLA ZIO” by Beppe Bergomi e Andrea Vitali (Mondadori Electa)
“LA PARTITA” by Piero Trellini (Mondadori)

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