Lecture: Why training isn't exclusively for those in the dressing room

With Mauro Berruto

By Mauro Berruto, keynote speaker and technical director of the Italian Archery Federation

When we talk about masterpieces, the first thought that springs to mind is art: painting, sculpture, architecture, cinema, theatre, music and literature. But what about sporting feats?
Mauro Berruto, who was the coach of the Italy volleyball side that won the bronze medal at the London Olympic Games in 2012, leads us on an exciting investigation to discover how training is not exclusive to those in the dressing room, but a daily process to bring people together, transform them into a team and guide them towards the target.
During the course of the lecture, Diego Maradona will kick a ball around with Michelangelo, Jury Chechi will challenge Yves Klein, Muhammad Ali and Constantine Cavafy will write poetry, because athletes, artists and poets are all part of the same team and space in which each individual can express their own talent and build their own personal masterpiece.
It is an emotion-filled journey to Ithaca, the destination for those who dream of winning a medal, painting a work of art, gaining a share of the market or simply being able to do their best on every occasion.

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