The last race

With Manuel Bortuzzo, Raoul Bova, Emiliano Brembilla, Filippo Magnini

Moderated by Cristina Fantoni, journalist on La7 and Valerio Piccioni, journalist at La Gazzetta dello Sport

Raoul Bova has a great love of swimming. He’s been passionate about the sport ever since his childhood when he was dreaming of the Olympics as opposed to the silver screen. Now his passion is becoming a film on a journey we’ll have an insight into thanks to a number of trailers. It’s the story of a series of human lives that intersect in numerous tell-all dialogues which link the feats of several famous faces. Meet Manuel Bortuzzo, whose dream was shattered by a tragic moment one night in February but who possesses a burning desire to start again. And three champions - Emiliano Brembilla, Filippo Magnini and Massimiliano Rosolino - who raced alongside one another for years and who open up to Bova in the documentary directed by Marco Renda. A tumble turn look at what links swimming and its stars. A story of hidden truths and complex medleys of joy and disappointment.

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