The world of Formula E, the rise of electric cars in motorsports

With Lucas Di Grassi, Dieter Gass, Felipe Massa, Jamie Reigle

Moderated by Mario Salvini, journalist at La Gazzetta dello Sport

An afternoon to learn all about Formula E. First, two electric one-seaters will race around a small track set up around the Muse, the science museum designed by Renzo Piano. Felipe Massa and Lucas di Grassi are the stars of the exhibition, a pair of Brazilian drivers who currently compete in Formula E (Di Grassi has also won the drivers’ championship). Massa, in particular, is known all over the world for having driven with Ferrari in Formula One for eight seasons. A talk show will follow the exhibition. Massa and Di Grassi will be joined by Audi’s head of motorsport Dieter Gass and the new chief executive of the company that runs the Formula E world championship. The panel will also talk about the birth and rapid rise of Formula E which, thanks to its “green” values, has won over major cities including London, New York, Paris, Hong Kong and Rome. It’s an exciting sport with innovative rules which has drawn interest and involvement from motorsport’s leading manufacturers.

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