Il Festival dello Sport

An extensive journalistic event aimed at telling the real stories of great individual athletes and legendary teams, both male and female athletes, current and past champions; who all come together just for the La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Trento is a city of sports enthusiasts who breathe sports every single day, so its many halls and theatres make an ideal setting for these four, very intensive, days dedicated solely to sports: every moment will offer unique thrills.
However, the event would not be complete without the chance to take part hands on and not only passively by listening to the sports personalities. So, we will be waiting for you in the various Sports Camps scattered around all the city’s squares, which will transform centre into one single, massive sports playground open to all, where you can discover the best ways to enjoy sports.


These are two words that make us dream, mainly because they are usually given to extraordinary people from the world of sports, men and women who are truly out of the ordinary. These people are not only champions but they are real champions who have something extra in their DNA. That touch of genius, and sometimes even madness, that makes them sports icons and even gives them a special kind of charm which makes them seem almost unattainable in their achievements.

These are people who, even according to the definition in the Treccani dictionary, are out of the ordinary and arouse as sense of wonder for the exceptional qualities they show. There are sports PHENOMENA who are always on the media and information platforms and then there are the niche sports PHENOMENA, who are only followed closely by a small group of loyal supporters, who deserve to get some lime light from the general public as they too have many values and strengths to share.

THE PHENOMENON, in its singular form, can even be a team that has changed the course of sporting history through the innovation it has been able to express or simply for their long streak of victories; or a winning National Team that unites and ignites the interest of a whole country like nothing else possibly can. Not to mention the largescale international events, which are highlighted on the yearly sports calendar, to which they can attract the interest and involvement of all sports enthusiasts.

This festival is one of those special events which any sports fan or enthusiast would love to attend at least once in their lives, whether it be as a spectator or as a protagonist. The second edition of Il Festival dello Sport has the goal to present all of this through the same successful scheme as it used in the first edition; with interviews, debates, round tables, workshops and much, much more…. So many other great sporting stories can be told to the public.

Gianni Valenti, Scientific Director of Il Festival dello Sport

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