Forsterbräu Trento

The Forsterbräu Trento boasts a long tradition dating back to 1906 as a restaurant and brewery in the heart of the city. Located in Via Oss Mazzurana in the San Benedetto district, it has been one of Trento’s most popular meeting points for over half a century thanks the restoration work carried out by Margarethe Fuchs in 1958/59.

The building which hosts "Il Forst" – as it is fondly known – is one of the oldest in the city centre and is protected by the Superintendence of Architectural Heritage. Now significantly renovated compared to the original Casa Pilati Donati structure, the Forsterbräu is still synonymous with quality and conviviality.

Here it is possible to enjoy traditional Trentino dishes as well as more modern, elaborate fare prepared by the restaurant’s chefs. Beer is of course one of the mainstays here and you can taste some of FORST’s best beers such VIP Pils, Kronen and Sixtus.


Via Paolo Oss-Mazzurana, 38, 38122 Trento TN