Adriano Bacconi

Adriano Bacconi is a fitness coach, trainer and pundit (Domenica Sportiva, 90° minuto). He is the creator of DigitalSoccer, which is software to provide real-time match analysis and was used by the national team ahead of the 1994 World Cup. He was part of the staff at Roberto Mancini's Inter and Italy for the 2006 and 2010 World Cups. Bacconi collaborates with Math&Sport, a start-up by Ottavio Crivaro to apply advanced mathematical models and machine learning algorithms in sport. Math&Sport collaborate with the Italian National Olympic Committee in the fields of volleyball, golf, tennis, athletics and archery. He has supported coaches like Davide Mazzanti and Andrea Giani in volleyball, is working on Virtual Coach in football, an algorithm that calculates data in real time and provides coaches with tactical guidance during the game.

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Big data, the numerical revolution. The use of data and artificial intelligence in sport

With: Adriano Bacconi, Ottavio Crivaro, Roberto De Zerbi, Davide Mazzanti, Tommaso Refini