Anna Hellman

Anna Hellman has been an integral part of the international sports movement for much of her professional career. Over the past four years, she has been involved in launching and running ThinkSport, which was set up by the city of Lausanne, the Canton of Vaud and the International Olympic Committee. She is currently the director of the organisation. Previously, she spent nine years working as the executive director of annual six-day SportAccord Summit, which is attended by all international sports associations, the executive board of the International Olympic Committee and as many as 2,000 representatives of the global sports world. The event is held in a different country each year and requires up to 18 months’ planning for each edition. Hellman has also worked for Além International, a marketing and events management agency specialising in sports and corporate events, with offices in Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the United States. She was also the Chief Operating Officer of the World Sports Forum for four years, overseeing all organisational aspects of the event held annually in Saint Moritz, Lausanne and Doha/Qatar. At the beginning of her career, Hellman worked as head of development for IKEA and was the owner and general manager of the Hotel Farinet in Verbier, Switzerland. She also played a role in the development of RECCO International, where she introduced avalanche search and rescue systems in Switzerland, France and Italy.