Assunta Legnante

No one has ever been, nor is anyone ever likely to be, as dominant as Assunta Legnante in shot put. When she made her international debut, not even the judges were ready for the distances she’d record. She was captain of the Italian team at the 2007 World Championships, before she lost her sight. She competed at her first Paralympic competition in May 2012, a few weeks before the Paralympic Games in London of that year, immediately setting a new world record, one she would go on to beat numerous times. Legnante is a three-time world champion (Lyon 2013, Doha 2015 and London 2017) and two-time Paralympic gold medal winner (London 2012 and Rio 2016). She competed at her first Paralympic games three years after going blind and having participated at European and world championships, as well as in the Olympic Games. Shot put has always been in her heart and mind, and it’s the speciality in which she’s competed with, and beaten, her sighted rivals. The only thing that can stop her winning, is herself.

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The weight of victory. Assunta Legnante and Oney Tapia, unrivalled in their field

With: Assunta Legnante, Oney Tapia