Bebe Vio

She is a symbol of the paralympic movement. Bebe Vio’s appeal stretches beyond the national borders and she is one of the best-known athletes in the world. An ambassador for a number of international brands from sportswear to fashion and car manufacturers, Vio is one of the athletes that make up the art4sport association. Born in Venice in 1997, she grew up in Mogliano Veneto before studying at one of the American universities in Rome. A specialist in the foil, she is the only fencer in the world to have had all four limbs amputated after suffering from meningitis. She won two medals (the individual gold and bronze in the team event with Loredana Trigilia and Andreea Mogos) at the 2016 Rio paralympics, where she carried the flag for Italy in the closing ceremony. She wants to go one better in Tokyo and win gold in the team event (she has already done so in the world championships in Rome). A phenomenon among the phenomenal paralympic movement.

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Fly2Tokyo: Bebe and her crew. The art4sport project, led by Bebe Vio, which aims to get young promising athletes to qualify for the Paralympic Games

With: Riccardo Bagaini, Vittoria Bianco, Edoardo Giordan, Emanuele Lambertini, Andrea Lanfri, Lorenzo Marcantognini, Davide Obino, Marco Pentagoni, Veronica Plebani, Bebe Vio