Davide Cucchi

Davide Cucchi is the father of Valentina, a young girl who was run over outside her house on 13 December 2014 when she was about to cross the road with two of her cousins in order to catch the bus to the city centre. The driver, a 40-year-old man who was distracted at the wheel, was driving too fast and without any attempt to swerve or manoeuver out the way, took down the group of three cousins. The accident, which caused the death of young Valentina, triggered father Davide Cucchi to participate in the Anas campaigns to raise awareness among youngster. Public opinion on the topic of road safety in recent months has led to the creation of a new app called #laVitaVale (life is worth it) in memory of his daughter. The smartphone app can notify you when your vehicle is approaching a pedestrian crossing. Davide Cucchi also performs the role of president and legal representative of the voluntary organisation La Vita Vale, which focuses on road safety, particularly referring to the use of smartphones while driving and it is aimed at youngsters, or the so-called Generation Z, who live on their mobile phones and are often victims or unaware perpetrators of accidents due to seemingly innocuous behaviour that can cause dramatic effects and which we unfortunately know all too well about, having experienced them first-hand.

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Just drive, life is at stake. Road safety with the ANAS campaign. Martina Caironi and Davide Cucchi tell their stories

With: Martina Caironi, Davide Cucchi