Davide Obino

Davide was born in Milan on 21 April 1996. A huge football fan, he started going to football school aged six, became a goalkeeper and hasn’t stopped since. Sadly, he lost part of his left leg in an accident on 20 August 2009. In 2010 Davide began playing wheelchair basketball and the sport further motivated him. He has been a member of the Santa Lucia Roma youth team, winning the 2010/11 Scudetto with them and coming second in 2011/12. He also won the Mancini Super Cup two years in a row with Santa Lucia. He was called up for the Italy U22 national team and took part in the Paralympics at London 2012, where fifth place earned the Azzurri a spot at the World Cup the following year in Turkey. Obina was then named in the Italy U23 squad for the World Cup in Adana. Davide has now begun training with the Santa Lucia first team and hopes to further develop his potential. This year he is playing with Lazio Basket in Serie B.

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Fly2Tokyo: Bebe and her crew. The art4sport project, led by Bebe Vio, which aims to get young promising athletes to qualify for the Paralympic Games

With: Riccardo Bagaini, Vittoria Bianco, Edoardo Giordan, Emanuele Lambertini, Andrea Lanfri, Lorenzo Marcantognini, Davide Obino, Marco Pentagoni, Veronica Plebani, Bebe Vio