Edoardo Giordan

Edorardo was born in Rome on 23 April 1993. At the age of 20, due to a mistaken diagnosis, his right leg had to be amputated. Sport has always been a key part of his life. He swam for nine years and played football for a further six. Edoardo was hit hard by his amputation but fencing - which he discovered thanks to Andrea Pellegrini - gave him motivation and made him realise that his prosthetic leg was but an inanimate object. Roman born and bred, his hero is Francesco Totti. In the short term, Edoardo wants to improve his competitive record with the aim of winning at least one medal at the Paralympics.

h 09:30



Fly2Tokyo: Bebe and her crew. The art4sport project, led by Bebe Vio, which aims to get young promising athletes to qualify for the Paralympic Games

With: Riccardo Bagaini, Vittoria Bianco, Edoardo Giordan, Emanuele Lambertini, Andrea Lanfri, Lorenzo Marcantognini, Davide Obino, Marco Pentagoni, Veronica Plebani, Bebe Vio