Eraldo Pizzo

Eraldo Pizzo, 81 years old, is an icon in the world of water polo and of Italian club Pro Recco. He is a peerless example of longevity, having played until the age of 44, even making his final appearances with a broken rib. He won 15 league titles and a water polo Champions League with Pro Recco, and another league title with Bogliasco. With the Italian national side, he won a gold medal at the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome. Whether it was in the water, as a player-coach or in a management role, Pizzo has always had a part to play in Pro Recco’s success. As for his nickname, Il Caimano, he explains: “In my era, when the referee blew his whistle you had to stay still, but I’d move slyly, with my eyes just above the surface of the water… like a caiman.” He is in the aquatic sports Hall of Fame.

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The legend of Settebello. A journey through the story of a national team that created countless memorable moments

With: Sandro Campagna, Gianni De Magistris, Marco Del Lungo, Pietro Figlioli, Eraldo Pizzo, Ratko Rudic, Carlo Silipo, Stefano Tempesti