Gunther Huber

Guenther Huber was born on 28 October 1965 and grew up in Martana, near Brunico (Bz), with brothers Arnold, Norbert and Wilfried, all of whom represented Italy in luge. After a third-placed finish in the doubles in 1982, he eventually left the sport as he grew "tired of getting beaten by his brothers" and embraced bobsleigh in 1988 as a pilot. He took part in the Winter Olympic Games four times, all as part of a two-man team, clinching a bronze medal at Lillehammer 1994 with Stefano Ticci. All four brothers were involved in that tournament, with Willy winning gold in the men's doubles in luge with Brugger and Norbert claiming silver with Raffl, while Arnold came fourth in the singles. Guenther won gold at Nagano 1998 with Antonio Tartaglia on the brakes, joint with the Canadian pair of Lueders and MacEachern. Interestingly, Italy have not won any Olympic medals in bobsleigh since. He won silver in the World Championships in 1997 and gold in 1999, with Tartaglia on both occasions. Huber won the two-man division of the Bobsleigh World Cup in 1991/92 and 1992/93. He boasts seven stage successes across the circuit, including the four-man bob in Cortina in 1997. In 2008, he was appointed coach of the national team.