Mauro Berruto

Mauro Berruto was born in 1969 in Turin, where he completed a degree in philosophy, specialising in cultural anthropology, having carried out ethnographic field research in Madagascar. He was a professional volleyball coach for 25 years. After a long stint in Serie A1 in Italy, Greece and Finland (where he coached the national team for six years and achieved the best results in their history), he was appointed coach of the Italy men's national team in 2010. During his tenure, which ran until 2015, the team won the bronze medal at the London Olympic Games in 2012. His experience as a coach combined with his passion for storytelling have turned him into a sought-after keynote speaker who has inspired audiences of all types across Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. Berruto has written two novels called Andiamo a Vera Cruz con quattro Acca (Let's go to Vera Cruz with four Hs) and Independiente Sporting, which was also turned into a play entitled Sporting. As a regular contributor and writer for Rai Sport, he has featured on Domenica Sportiva and Dribbling. His journalistic commitments include daily newspapers Avvenire, Il Foglio, Il Corriere della Sera and monthly publication Torino Storia. From January 2016 until March 2018, he was the managing director of Scuola Holden, the most prestigious storytelling school in Europe, appointed by company associates Alessandro Baricco, Oscar Farinetti, Carlo Feltrinelli and Andrea Guerra. In February 2018, he was named technical director of the male and female Olympic teams by the Italian Archery Federation. On 8 May 2019, he released his third literary work, a paper called Capolavori. Allenare, allenarsi, guardare altrove (Masterpieces. Train, train, look elsewhere), which has been a big success.

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Lecture: Why training isn't exclusively for those in the dressing room

With: Mauro Berruto