Paolo Bellino

Bellino has been part of RCS Sport since January 2014, when he took over the role of general manager, with the aim of boosting the company's activity and further increasing its international development. Since July 2018, he has been performing the joint role of chief executive officer and general manager. Bellino has a degree in international political science, is a journalist and used to run the 400-metre hurdles at the top level on the athletics circuit. He has a wealth of experience in managing sporting events, having previously worked at the Italian Athletics Federation as the secretary general. His other previous roles include head of operations for the organising committee of the World Master Games Torino 2013. Born in Turin in 1969, Bellino has been the operations consultant for the International Olympic Committee since 2010. With regard to the organising committee for the XX Olympic Winter Games in Turin in 2006, he took on several roles, including the chief operating officer, managing director of the main operation centre (MOC), athletics committee coordinator and coordinator of the steering committee.