Paolo Buroni

An American critic has described him as "the urban invader", because of his tendency to invade urban space, such as buildings and squares, with images. Paolo Buroni started out as a freelance photographer for a photo agency called Grazia Neri. He went from photography, back when digital photos were being developed, to computer art and subsequently to the first multivision edits, which led to huge multimedia installations where music, images and architecture are blended together in a unique concoction to create the first 'virtual immersive environments'. "For a long time, my artistic journey has been about getting images off the screen and invading the surrounding architectural spaces." Buroni is the brains behind many of the most important international architectural multivision projects, including the Louis Vuitton Cup for the America's Cup, San Siro for the Milan derby, with 10,000m² of images projected directly on to the pitch, Milan Cathedral, the G8 ship in Genoa, Saint Peter's Square in Rome, COEX Mall in Seoul, the stadiums in Istanbul, the Monte Carlo Grand Prix for Team Ferrari, the most important RAI shows, such as the scenography for the Sanremo Music Festival, Miss Italia and Italian talk show Che tempo che fa. As for the world of sport, he has been involved in the official unveiling of the new Italian National Olympic Committee brand, events organised as part of the Audi Sports Awards, Nike's multi-projection on to the CCTV Tower during the Beijing Olympics and the artistic project at the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, which he is the artistic curator for. As for the Festival dello Sport, Paolo Buroni made his own contribution to the artistic and multimedia communications for the "Legend of Schumacher" exhibition.