Paolo Pretti

Currently operations director of Trentino Sviluppo, an agency set up to support sustainable growth in the region, Paolo Pretti is in charge of the incubation and innovation area, the ProM (mechatronics prototyping) facility, as well as staff services at the agency. He is a representative for the development policies of Trentino Sviluppo’s two main incubators: the mechatronics hub and its main facility, and the hub for the manufacturing project, dedicated to green technology and sustainable construction. Pretti coordinates the work group set up to define a relaunch strategy for the manufacturing project, which will focus on three pillars: sustainable mobility, sport tech and intelligent buildings. Pretti is a member of the board at IBAN, the Italian network of Business Angels, an association that promotes the transfer of knowledge, capital and experience between informal investors and newly established companies on a local, national and European scale. He has been a board member at basketball club Aquila Basket.