Patrizia Maiorca

Born in Ortigia (Siracusa) on 2 April 1958, Patrizia Maiorca is the daughter of the great free diver Enzo Maiorca. She began her competitive career in 1978, setting a personal best 35 metre dive in the constant weight discipline. She improved this the following year to 40 metres, diving with her sister Rossana. In 1982, the sisters reached 50 metres in the variable buoyancy discipline in Milazzo. In between her second and third child, Maiorca set a new variable buoyancy personal best at 70 metres in 1987. Her last record came in 1988: 47 metres in the constant weight discipline. Awarded a Gold Star of Sporting Merit by the Italian Olympic Committee, Maiorca has always been a passionate campaigner for the protection of the seas. She joined Sea Shepherd’s Ocean Advocacy Advisory Board in 2012 and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Underwater Activity Division of the Italian Sport for All Union (UISP). Maiorca is also part of the Opificium Studiorum Maris Scientific Committee.

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