Pietro Figlioli

Pietro Figlioli is the current captain of the Italian national water polo team, which goes by the nickname ‘Settebello’. The 35-year-old’s success in Italy has come with Pro Recco, the club to which he has now returned after two seasons away, and his story is a special one. A man of three continents, he was born in Rio de Janeiro, has Italian roots since his great grandfather hailed from Tortoreto in Abruzzo, and moved aged two to Brisbane, a city his father José fell in love with during a swimming gala (his father was a great breaststroke swimmer, who in February 1968 set a new world record pace over 100 metres). Pietro was also an excellent swimmer but preferred water polo, eventually donning the cap for Australia. Having moved to Italy, he’s been an ever-present in the Settebello squad over the past decade. One of the best marksmen around, his goal in the 2016 play-off with Romania, 7 seconds from full-time, earned Italy qualification to the Olympic Games.

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The legend of Settebello. A journey through the story of a national team that created countless memorable moments

With: Sandro Campagna, Gianni De Magistris, Marco Del Lungo, Pietro Figlioli, Eraldo Pizzo, Ratko Rudic, Carlo Silipo, Stefano Tempesti