Roberto De Zerbi

Roberto De Zerbi, 40, is the youngest coach in Serie A. Having previously coached in the top flight with Palermo in 2016/17 and Benevento in 2017-18, he is now in his second season at Sassuolo and is widely considered to be the young Italian coach with the most interesting ideas. As a player, he came through the youth ranks at AC Milan and spent over a decade playing in Serie C, Serie B and Serie A (the latter with Napoli). At the end of his career he played for Cluj in Romania and spent half a season at Trento, in Serie D. De Zerbi is a passionate coach who likes organised teams that boss possession and are fun to watch. At the 2018 Festival dello Sport he received praise from Pep Guardiola – the coach he most admires. Speaking about playing styles, Guardiola named De Zerbi’s Sassuolo as an example: “When I watch them play, I get the impression they’re playing very attacking football.”

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Big data, the numerical revolution. The use of data and artificial intelligence in sport

With: Adriano Bacconi, Ottavio Crivaro, Roberto De Zerbi, Davide Mazzanti, Tommaso Refini