Stefano Domenicali

Born in Imola on 11 May 1965, Stefano Domenicali studied Economics and Commerce in Bologna before joining Ferrari in 1991, where he was responsible for internal relations with FIAT. He moved into the world of sport in 1992, serving as race director of Mugello and then becoming head of personnel in 1995. In 1996, he was made Ferrari team manager. Between 2002 and 2007, Domenicali served as the sporting director of Ferrari, with responsibilities including preparing and adhering to dossiers on sports governance and managing relations with the FIA. Domenicali became Ferrari team principal on 1 January 2008, a role he held until 2014. Under his stewardship, Ferrari won the Constructors’ World Championship in 2008 and narrowly missed out on the Drivers’ Championship title in 2008 (Felipe Massa), 2010 and 2012 (both Fernando Alonso). In November 2014, he became the vice-president of Audi, where he was responsible for special projects associated with the world of sport. In February 2016, he returned to Italy as president and CEO of Lamborghini, which has achieved record-breaking results since: in 2018, Lamborghini sold 5,750 vehicles while revenue has increased by 40% from €1009 million to €1415 million. Under Domenicali, Lamborghini has also moved into the SUV sector with the high-performance Urus. Domenicali also has an important role with the FIA, where he is head of the Single-Seater Commission.