Veronica Plebani

Veronica was born in Gavardo on 1 March 1996. She was a bubbly child and from an early age loved various sports, including dance, artistic gymnastics, athletics and snowboarding. On 27 April 2011 Veronica was taken into intensive care at Brescia hospital with an acute case of bacterial meningitis. The worst was feared but her body responded with incredible energy and after months of treatment in hospital Veronica was able to return home. She had lost the phalanges of her fingers and toes but fortunately many other parts of her body healed. In November, just a few months after being discharged from hospital, she flew to New York with her father to cheer him on in the marathon and take part in the 5K herself, with 28 other runners from the Monza Marathon Team. That same year Veronica began canoeing and snowboarding at a competitive level. Thanks to daily training on “her river”, she immediately obtained excellent results even in races with able-bodied athletes. Now, after taking part in two Paralympic Games – snowboarding at Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 – she is preparing for the Paralympics Triathlon.

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Fly2Tokyo: Bebe and her crew. The art4sport project, led by Bebe Vio, which aims to get young promising athletes to qualify for the Paralympic Games

With: Riccardo Bagaini, Vittoria Bianco, Edoardo Giordan, Emanuele Lambertini, Andrea Lanfri, Lorenzo Marcantognini, Davide Obino, Marco Pentagoni, Veronica Plebani, Bebe Vio