A less demanding experience than a restaurant dinner and more relaxing than a sandwich on the go, pizza is ideal for an informal evening. If you are in the centre of Trento and do not want to drive, all you have to do is choose from many pizzerias that can be reached by foot in less than 15 minutes from the Piazza Duomo: from the Neapolitan pizza of Acquaefarina to the award-winning pizza from Pizzeria Albert; from the perfect combination of pizza and craft beer at Uva & Menta, to pizza at the Torre Verde, served until late.
Below are a few we recommend but there are many more that are worth trying. To see them all you can take a look at the map below.


Pizzeria Albert
One of the most popular Pizzerias in Trento, this was selected as part of the 2018 ‘Top 50 Pizza’ guide, the first online guide entirely dedicated to pizzerias across Italy. The pizzeria does not take reservations so it is recommended to get there early to avoid having to queue. (Via Giuseppe Verdi, 15 – TEL. +39 461 260094)

Pizzeria Uva è Menta
Slightly hidden away, behind the walls of Piazza Fiera. Those who love pizza and appreciate quality beer come here for dinner. Alongside the pizzas, prepared with carefully selected ingredients, the young managers offer you a careful selection of draft and bottled beers, for a classic pizza + beer experience. (Via Dietro le Mura A 35, TEL. +39 461 190 3162)

Pizzeria Antico Pozzo
In one of the main streets of Trento’s centre, you will find this historic restaurant: an elegant pizzeria with vaulted ceilings and an ancient well which is over 300 years old and still functions. Here you can try a light, organic pizza, ideal for athletes and those who have difficulty digesting traditional pizza. (Vicolo della Sat, 6 – TEL. +39 461 262943)

Pizzeria Acquefarina
Less than a 15-minute walk from the Piazza Duomo, this pizzeria is ideal for enjoying a Neapolitan pizza without straying too far from the historic centre. These pizzas comprise a soft and light dough, San Marzano tomatoes and authentic buffalo mozzarella. They are cooked according to the traditional recipe and certified by the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (True Neapolitan Pizza Association). (Via Torre D'Augusto, 25 – TEL. +39 461 148 5952)

Pizzeria Green Tower
This restaurant/pizzeria serves pizza until late in the evening, staying open until 2 in the morning. Classic, gluten-free and the cleverly named ’50 shades of grain’ doughs are available. The latter is a prepared using organic flours, seeds and flakes. (Via Torre Verde, 29 – TEL. +39 461 231545)